April 12, 2011

Fond farewell and a welcome

Yesterday we bid adieu to a colleague and to my boss. It was touching and fun and most of all I relived what I suppose has been one third of my work life ( 10 yrs now here) in a few minutes.

The colleague/friend is one of the most creative and enthu people I know. A mutual friend recalled how he had checked me out and noticed my metti (I had been a new bride then) when they first saw me, a decade ago! Sometimes the strangest memories linger....

The Boss man is also a friend and will be missed terribly. He is the reason I stayed this long and happily so, in this job.


It was also yesterday that ITW of Ojas- Tejas fame rejoined my workplace. Again nostalgia filled moments, foremost being that we began blogging together when we had our babies a few years back and were colleagues in this office.

Here is to togetherness!


Anonymous said...

Isnt it lovely to have small memories.. Its always sad to say good bye.. but then there is so much to look forward to.. for the person you are saying bye to..

And lovely to have someone you know.. join you at work.. Have a lovely week ahead!!

itchingtowrite said...