April 18, 2011

Food and friends

Had cousins over for the weekend and what a blast we had.

Also went to Cream Centre and to Ente Keralam on various occasions and loved both.

Missed mentioning this Davangere Butter dosa place off Gandhi Bazaar- really a yummy bfast place.

Anush has just begun an Intro to Keyboard classes and the keyboard gifted by her grandfolks a long while back is being put to good use!


Creepy 酷皮 said...

wow nice^^
hi~ I am from Taiwan
I have been reading your blog for a little while. I'm not a stalker or something. hope you don't mind... I enjoy reading your articles just to learn English because they are amiable, easy and interesting~ What's more the language is not too hard for me lol.
I wish I can start a blog like yours to practice my English~
btw how do you tag the labels like "family""friend"... ?

Artnavy said...

Thanks Creepy

With a name like that I did not expect such sweet words

all the best with your blog and label options are avail in blogger-shows as add label below the post window....

RS said...

Hi, I think I have commented here before - Davanagere BeNNe Dosa - yummmm.... Have you been to bugle rock in Gandhi Bazaar - lots of trees and cool place for kids to be out on summer mornings...
I remember you mentioning the VV Puram chaat street - you must try the gaadi tomato in front of the bugle rock gate! :-)

Creepy 酷皮 said...

Oooooh > <
I got!! It's so obvious~ how can I not see it !? Thx^^
silly me...