March 03, 2011


It is World Book day today. Did you know that?

Write in and let me know your favourite book in the recent past to add to my list of must reads....

Also please catch up at ST on my post there


Bubble Catcher said...

just love your header picture :)

apu said...

I haven't been reading that much recently, but I think one that I really enjoyed was a book I read a couple of months ago, in Tamil - S. Ramakrishnan's 'Chekhovin meedu pani peygiradu'/'snow falls on Chekhov' - a collection of very lucid essays on great writers, esp the Russian ones.

utbtkids said...

Head over heels in to YA and picture books these days :) You would have heard me mention these books at ST as well.

YA: Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Easy read. Appropriate for 12 year old children.

Picture book: Princess Knight by Cornelia Funke. Ages 4 - 8. Finally read it yesterday. Awesome.

As an experiment started reading Tintin with the girls. The older one read ahead of me, the younger one spent like half day in each picture and after three pages, my mouth was hurting from all the talking :)

யாரோ said...

Fiction- Any thing by roald dahl- 'Big fat giant ' if you want exactly one.

Non fiction- Why of work by the ulbrich couple. Work-life balance explored like never before.