December 25, 2010

Happy Fifteenth!

Aditi turns fifteen months today! She is a delightful monster with the most disarming smile and theatrical reactions.

Anush was busy calculating her age in months and was completely zapped at mine in months!!LOLl!

Merry Christams!

Santa got Anush a card, a bow and arrow and Kinder joy and most importantly tonnes of excitement!

Visited the famed Udipi Krishna in Kormangala for breakfast and it was completely worth it!


MindfulMeanderer said...

udipi krishna is our fav haunt at office :)
Love their spl thali with the poori n mini masala dosas.
Happy fifteenth bonda *muahhhhhh*
:) anush n aditi look so cute..

Anonymous said...

Hi Art

Beautiful pics of your little girls. Glad you had a nice time.