December 24, 2010

Anushka's Letter to Santa

Anush wrote her first letter for Santa and placed it in the balcony in a stocking since we do not have a chimney. If we were to keep it inside the house with all the doors secured, Santa will not be able to retrieve it!! Now Santa has to work on a suitable reply.
Anush and her grandpa went to the Aero Museum in HAL. Very interesting and engaging is what my father and his grandchild had to say about their space odyssey. Anush was talking about heat shields and parachutes and bomb planes and safe landings all through the evening!!


MindfulMeanderer said...

ohh no mention of whats in that letter??? :) Lil P wants a skipping rope from santa :D

PS: there is something for u here

How do we know said...

aww.. wonderful. This is my son's first xmas too.. in the sense that the concept of Santa and tree and all is making sense only this year.. i have an idea for tomorrow.. lets c..