December 23, 2010


There is something about Owls that is very endearing. And if it is made by your 5 yr old, the appeal zooms up! (She knows I like them)

As per Anush, owls hoot and stay awake at night.


Unknown said...

cuteeeee :)
I'll post the owl stuffed toy tutorial soon.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww that is so sweet

Sandhya said...

Aww..I didnt know owls could be this cute!

The Print Lover said...

Owls are my favorite too. There are tons of owl related crafts stuff online.

Minka said...

Ooh ! love the ulloo. We had lovely white ones in Velachery complex and guess what , they are here in Kolkata too. D thinks they have followed him to Kol

Artnavy said...

wow minka


will look up the same