November 17, 2010

To Be or not to bee

We have a beehive in our apartment. A Huge one. In the balcony.

No one noticed it till I did and no one is reacting like me either.

It is not in my balcony- it is on some unoccupied flat on the fifth floor. Still.

I must be a through city bred....


Niv said...

thank god its not in your balcony!
guess I am also properly city bred:)

Itchingtowrite said...

get someone to extract the honey for u!! but it will be ugly. many bees die - they light a kerosene fire underneath the hive and those who dont escape fall like dead leaves
i guess there shud be a better method too!

B o o. said...

Theres a beautiful spider web and a big spider just outside my living room window. The web is perfectly in the middle of the big glass window and the big fat spider in the middle of it. It has been a few months now and I dont ve the heart to even open that window for the fear of disturbing his home. He is almost a pet now and I worry for him when hes gone for too long. I am a total village belle, I guess! :)

Arundhati said...

One day in the first week after we moved into our apartment, bees descended on us, trying to get in through the gaps in the windows to escape from the fumigation happening below. A scene straight out of Hitchcock's Birds. Sad that we have invaded their territory

Gayatri said...

- Which floor are u in??????Why isn't anybody reacting?????
- for the love of bees or for the want of time :)
- Usually the association gets in touch with the owner na?
- I've heard bees move out after awhile....don't worry
- @boo: Whowww! I wouldn't sleep if I 'knew' I had a creepy crawly in /on/by my apt.
- Its not about to be city bred or not...Its ..To be 'phobic' or not to be :b

Asha said...

We also had one in our apartment in Hyd. They removed it and sold the honey to the residents.

starry eyed said...

Before we moved into this apartment almost 8 years ago, bees kept building hives at one spot on our balcony, we had them removed several times and then built a netting on that spot to deter them. They still build hives on other parts and some of my neighbours buy the honey when the hives are smoked out, and the kids walk around exclaiming over the dead bees :( So commonplace for us!!!

And I read that the honeybee population is dwindling, and we won't have too much food without bees :(

artnavy said...

spiders are nice, no probs with them- they dont sting anyway

the bldg mngr got it removed- poor bees- many killed.... dont know if there was honey and what they did with it - would feel bad to have that honey somehow anyway

yes so sad that we have forgotten that we have encorached on their space so much