November 16, 2010

Giving up holidays!

Yeah , t'row I need to do office work though it is a holiday for us.

I have done it only a couple of times in the past and invariably for foreign visitors.
Since it has been far and in between I have never resented it.

But I sure like to advertise that I stepped in and helped out when others had been reluctant!
On a sad note, two very elderly but awesome ladies with a zest for life, passed away the same night in different parts of the city. Both had been inspiring mothers and will be missed!


Anonymous said...

Oh.. I hate working on the holidays as well.. We are on a three day Eid break here.. and I think I will be working from home for atleast half a day tomorrow... Work just doesnt seem to end!!

Unknown said...

Hmmm I hate working on holidays too. with hubby out of town and lots of pending work, i'll most prob be working from home t0o.