November 10, 2010

Things to do

Reading The Englishman's Cameo - pretty gripping so far.

There is a new play by Feroze Khan in case you are able to make it. I loved his Tumhari Amrita and Saalgirah. Will have to wait for next time for this one.

And the Book Fair is coming to town.

Tulika is launching their Panchatantra, with Mother Earth mechandise and there is a story session by Jeeva on the 13th.

I had got this series along with some other gems during my last Tulika visit a couple weeks ago. Review will be up soon .


sandhya said...

Is it the 12th or the 13th?

Hope it is the 12th.

Artnavy said...

13th it is!! Saturday. sorry for the false hope.

Anonymous said...

aaah i so want to see that play damn the tickets are sold out

and u forgot to inform us about the book fair at palace grounds starting 12th?

artnavy said...

no monika- i have- ref line 3 -it is a link to the book fair with all details:-)

Simran said...

I am so eagerly waiting for the book fair. Thanks for letting us know.