November 08, 2010

Delightful weekend

D for Diyas and disco lights

I for Indulged with eats- burfis, thenkoral, akkarai, gulab jamun, mixture, dumrote etc etc courtesy both paatis

W for Wow weekend with all grandparents, cousins, good old friends

A for Anush participating with gusto in all aspects and of course all new clothes

L for Lanterns

I for Inspired gifting and community low noise cracker play

The above will also form my submission to Artsy Craftsy at Shruti's.


Unknown said...

happy diwali. :)
Love the rangoli n disco lights n anush's rangolis n diyas. do link it to artsy-Crafsty :)
n aditi looks sooooooooo adorable. I love her baby cheeks.

artnavy said...

U r way too fast!! just sending over the edited pic as an entry

Anonymous said...

compliments of the season....lovely pictures and i love the multiple colourful shadows from the paper lanterns?

R's Mom said...

Lovely Diwali and yummy indulgences :)Aditi looks adorable :)

Arundhati said...

Love everything - the rangoli, disco lights, lanterns, but most of all the gorgeous girls

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,
Looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves. Happy pics. :)


artnavy said...

thanks all
it was good fun though Navy caught a bad cough

they are disco lights that we had used for anush's bday- my father was in town so he set it up

Shankari said...

Lovely celebrations and the I love the way you have explained Diwali! Sums up the whole festival :)

Hip Grandma said...

OMG anush looks tall. has she taken after you? Aditi and anush look quite similar except perhaps Aditi's hair is more curly.

Happy Diwali to all of you.