November 11, 2010

The Gift of Fathers

One of the gifts this Diwali came in this box . Fun is it not? As always, we kept off the noisy crackers and went with the sparklers, chakras and flower pots .

But we made a lot of gushing noises when Navy and his darling daughter Anush made and presented their own pasta in white sauce. Father & daughter plan to make a dish each Sunday. Here is to sustained efforts and fun!

My father got Anush this 150 piece puzzle. He probably recalls my addiction to them and felt that Anush could be challenged more in terms of complexity. Anush managed to do this puzzle with some help. She loved doing it and still remembers Wall-E and Eva!! Unlike me, she was ok dismantling it and doing it all over again from scratch.


Gayatri said...

- Your blogs are always a potpourri gal :D
- So many colours forming that single rainbow :)
- Yumm! Pasta :b
- Wow! on the dish every sunday bit....hope the enthu team makes ur life easier on sundays ;)
- Achu and I don't belong to the Jigsaw Tribe :D especially if there are more than 10 pieces :b

Unknown said...

:) dad n daughter session (though very rare at our place) are great fun.
Lil p loves the puzzle too. manages 24, bit on her own now. haven'y bought her any new 1.

How do we know said...

oh wow.. this reminds me that Ishaan hasnt got a new jigsaw in a long while..

How do we know said...

and yes of course.. the pasta looks yummy!

AA_Mom said...

Noticed that Anush is wearing a silly band. A&A have discovered them too, the problem is they keep misplacing it and I have to keep finding them!

150 piece jigsaw for her age! Wow!

Choxbox said...

The kid is a genius I tell ya! 150 pieces even I take time!
Pasta looks good.

And what an elaborate bindi :) You did it?

artnavy said...

i take it as a compliment
and when it come sto cooking my life is already easy- i have a cook and my mom too

have to agree


AA mom
from my US SIL- they are silly na...

nahin re- my BIL did it - festive spirit he called it

RGB said...

Love the gift box - reminds me of the comic strips that have the wham! bang! boom!...Pasta looks yum. Did it taste yum as well? Your daughter has a lot of patience eh? To piece and unpiece and piece back the jigsaw puzzle!

Sands said...

yay to father daughter cooking. Keep encouraging that :)

Varsha said...

Pastalooks yummy..hope you had a very happy diwali!