November 19, 2010

In good company

Booty from the Book Fair so far....

Received my copy of The Book Review and am pleased as can be to see my write up there with some of my idols in Children's writing/ illustration !! Thanks S for the opportunity.

Anush has made some really pretty cards completely by herself, for the bday parties she is attending this weekend, pics on the side bar and here..


sandhya said...

Titles, please. Not just photos, esp those on which we cannot see the titles!:)

Anush's drawing is lovely. I love the artlessness of that grass- looks so natural.

Choxbox said...

can spot gruffalo’s child there!

Artnavy said...

sending a mail u guys

right u r chox- still awaiting ur post at ST on that duo!!

Anonymous said...

oh.. titles.. titles?? my daughter would have loved to come with you...

Those paintings are gorgeous...

Choxbox said...

Eeks. Have it in drafts. Will do asap.

Thanks for the nth reminder. You are a star!

artnavy said...

Here are some of what we got :

Awarded/Honour/ Popular Types:
The storm book & Willaim’s Doll- Charlotte zolotw
Sound of the sea- Jacqueline Harvey
Madelines rescue- Ludwig
Imogenes Antlers- David Small
Ridiculous Michael Coleman
Condor Magic
The red tree- Shaun tan
Good night me- Andrew Daddo
The Grand Journey of Mr Man
Anansi the spider
Harriet You’ll drive me wild- Mem Fox

Some Eric Carles, Jane Yolens, Richard Scarry, Dr Suess
Some Pratham, Scholastic, NBT and tulika books
Some random Winnie and Angelina series
Some diff Croc books

Bought just because I loved the illustrations- no idea how good or bad they will be:
•From Miss Ida’s Porch
Leo the late bloomer
•Celeste Sails to Spain,
•A baby for grace,
•King Bidgood’s in the bathtub,
•On Purim,
•Inch by Inch
•Aunt Flossies Hats
•Who Said Su esaid Whoo,
•Isabelles bed
•Mammoth Magic
•Gilberto and the wind

Non pic books-
A book on ballet
One on Warli
Troll tales
American folk tales
Histwhist ee cummings – my mom used to cumming …so ...
Anna banana- 101 jump rope rhymes- really fun

When God imagined a world
Does God know how to tie shoes

....and then some more......

MiM said...

i remember that i took a suitcase, when i went for the bookfair...
deals were steals. it was really close to home, as well...

Swati said...

Oh you are a person after my own heart! I take suitcases to book fairs, and I barely finish going through the children's books by the time everyone else has seen the entire fair!

Inch by inch - Leo Lionni? His books are a treat.

And oh, hi MiM! Haven't been to your place a long while (nor to mine either sadly!)