November 22, 2010

Happy Karthikai!

Karthikai! My favourite festival along with Sarawathi Puja. We lit lamps, attempted colourful rangoli, ate some adai and sweet aval porri and of course the kids wore new clothes.

Went to the Bangalore Book fair again on the pretext of getting stuff for a friend and got some more books for Anushka!!
Was delighted that the cupcake theme party for Aditi was liked enough to be replicated by a close friend at his kid's birthday.
After a lot time oversaw some press/PR activity at work, which felt nice.


Simran said...

Lol! so how many times did you end up going to the book fair?

MindfulMeanderer said...

:) Beautiful rangoli ..
I loved ur cup cake theme too.

Choxbox said...

When when when? Don’t tell me we were both there at the same time!

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artnavy said...

twice only Simran

thanks shruti
used a sieve this time for the rangali as u suggested- but done in 3 minutes with anush since aditi was acting up

saturday between 3-4 with aditi!!only the rare books stall and nbt for the mask book

Choxbox said...

yay! got the mask book?! I wanted to pick it up but they had run out of them!

i went a full 24 hours after you. bravely went with both kids, which turned out to be a a good idea - they speed-reviewed everything!

Patricia Torres said...

Oh very pretty... Happy karthikai to you too... Hope you have a fab week ahead of you!!