November 12, 2010

Story time

Here is my review at ST of Tulika's Panchatantra

Anush is excited that Jeeva aunty of Sing along and Hoo's Tales fame is going to be in Bangalore soon.

She has already told me to whisper into Jeeva's ears and request her for Talkative Tortoise and Four friends!!


And one more exciting update- Abha of Cubby fame has had a baby girl!!


Asha said...

oh.. let me quickly go to Abha's blog......

Anonymous said...

oh nice!

Indian in NZ said...

I have visited your blog after such a loong time ! I should bloglist it I think :) Hope you wont mind.

Read so many of ur posts at one go ! Have always loved Anush's pics and now Aditi's too !! Her pic in Anush's dress is so cute.

Will come back to read some more of the posts I have missed !