November 03, 2010

Best foot forward

There is a tradition like this in Navy's home

Every occasion is marked with making a mock shoe with kumkum and turmeric. Anush loves it, just as her father did and probably still does?

Greetings from the Artnavy home to yours!


DC said...

hey, we have this tradition at our home too.. never thought of it as a mock shoe though :-)

Lavs said...

I love this tradition because it makes my feet look beautiful...

every year during pooja at home, i am given the task of doing this 'mock shoe' for all the ladies visiting. First turmeric is applied, then 'nalangu' is applied...we also paint the toes unlike shown in the picture here...turmeric has antiseptic properties so your feet gets natural treatment..nalangu has "chunambu" in it which again heals cracks in feet...And the perfume which stays behind in my hand after all the work is done is heavenly!!!

Sands said...

cute! Happy Diwali greetings to you and your family as well Art :)

Shankari said...

We have this also, but only during sumangali prarthanai and such. Is this for Deepavali?

Advance Deepavali wishes to you and your family Art.

Anonymous said...

Hi Art

Never heard of this tradition. It looks very nice. Here is wishing your family and you a happy Diwali.


Krishnan said...

We too had this "nalangu" thing daubed on our foot early morning on Deepavali day "long long ago" :-) Wishing you, Navy and your adorable kids a very happy Deepavali.

artnavy said...

I think Navy and his sisters coined that term for nalangu

i love your interest in and knowledge of our customs

sands/ anu
:-) .

this was for aditi's ayush homam- anush's feet though...

Good to see an old friend after a really long time!! Best wishes to your family too

Unknown said...

ohhh :) how pretty.
I'm sure Lil P will love it too. Let me try it as part of diwali oil bath ritual.
Happy diwali art

Gayatri said...

Happy Deepavali to you and your family. Lots of love to your cute daughters.