November 02, 2010

Where more is more!

Got the Puffin book Where's Hanuman? By Alister Taylor and illustrated by Christopher Woods and Ben Mc Clintic. Ironical that there is no Indian on the core team, though it says assisted by Krishan Das and Manideep in small print.

It captures the broad storyline of Ramayan and is stimulating and well suited to being a Diwali gift. Rich and tightly packed illustrations guarantee that the reader/ player is occupied on every page. There are also 'winks' - unexpected elements such as beach balls, tennis racket, sunglasses...

There a few characters/ items and of course Hanuman himself listed out to be identified on each page of the book. But you can make up your own Spot Me If You Can versions and play with a timer. More is definitely not excess here.

One instance-
We were looking for a mouse.
Anushka says" We need to look for cheese amma. That is where the mouse will be"


sandhya said...

A wonderful book, Art. I gave this one away as return gifts to all the children at A's 9th birthday party in keeping with the theme-a treasure hunt.

Anonymous said...

where is hanuman is the fav book here, ojas loves finding him out :)

Choxbox said...


And agree, its a great book, much along the lines of Where’s Wally?