November 26, 2010

Art of the Matter

I shudder at dirty walls- scribbled on by kids/ paw marks. Lucky for me Anush confines her doodling to paper and slates. Never had to discipline her or anything.

Am not sure Aditi will do that.

But this young lady made me wonder "Why not?" Especially if the kids will bloom into artists of her calibre! Go here for a truly refreshing interview with Nancy Raj

Will try to visit the Strand book sale at Basava Hall and the Handmade collective event this weekend


Arundhati said...

My thoughts exactly when I read the interview yesterday. Interesting read, and very good questions Art

Minka said...

Me too ! I had a classmate whose mom allowed one wall with washable distemper to be scribbled on as the kids pleased . D often "rewards" me with doodles on the walls because "mamma, you are being soooo good". Leaving me feeling not so good after all.

meera said...

There is a peanut fair in basavanagudi this weekend. I cant find this info online anywhere. Thought u would enjoy.
- Regular Lurker