November 25, 2010

My dear Bonda

Aditi is 14 months old today!

- She has 4 teeth coming out simultaneously and still has one dimple
- Her favourite words are - mumum- food!! and Bye!!
- She likes to play ball and going out (Bye) all the time
- She feeds her sister and her dad assorted stuff
- She loves being tickled, posing that she is reading a book
- She gives flying kisses and hi 5s
- She hates her hair tied- so has an unruly wild mop ,
- She refuses to keep her shoes on
- She is more social now and bonds well with kids and known aunties
- She stands unsupported for a while but does not attempt to walk yet
- She watches Waybloo a bit on TV and calls all small kids "Baybbeeee" and all animals "Bowwow"
- She likes to hold on to random small stuff when she sleeps
- She has a great sense of rhythm and coordination - she can align bottle/ container lids
- She enjoys her tub bath and also yells to be in the pool with her sister
- And yes she can blow perfectly into a whistle


Anonymous said...

aaawww.. Aditi is so cute.. They grow too fast no?? but 14 months is an awesome age... an age to treasure every single minute....

Unknown said...

i want to hear her blow into a whistle!! :) mumum n bye sound soo cute.. we'll meet soon.

Unknown said...

n happy 14th aditu!

R's Mom said...

Blow whistle...sahi hai aditi! happy 14th :)

starry eyed said...

Awesome kid! Happy 14th to you :) Wish we lived closer so we could bond with you!

DC said...

I love the unruly curly mop!!!
Baby S doesn't like the hair tied too. But it has grown longer and comes down till her nose! Seriously thinking of doing her mottai next month!!

Gayatri said...

- She's adorable :D
- Happy 14th darling :)
- I just love those curls :D

Sandhya said...

Happy 14th month to the sweetest Bonda!

Arundhati said...

Bonda is such an apt name for ... the bonda! She's absolutely adorable, that gleam in her eye :) Love that unruly mop too, can't imagine her any other way

the mad momma said...

oh my - she is so cute! give her a hug from me

Swati said...

aww..thats so cute ..:) I want to hear her whistle :)