November 29, 2010

Discovering Bangalore!

After the Book Fair, last week, we discovered some more wonders of Bangalore this weekend.

The Strand Book fair was not as exciting as the one in Mumbai but still a good destination. Lovely service as always. We passed by a lot of Warli Art on our way to meet Abha's newborn.
Any baby is a miracle and a wonder to behold! Abha jr is very cute and I thought relatively, Aditi is grown up indeed.

Went to the Kadalekkai festival at the Bull Temple. Lovely Village Fair feel. And no there were no monkeys despite the abundance of peanuts. In fact we overheard someone saying the prices had doubled on account of the fair. We saw groundnuts from AP, TN and Karnataka. It is held on the last Sunday and Monday of the Karthikai month. Today the Nandi will be adorned by a peanut garland we were told.

Ate at Halli Thindi down the road where the Avarakkai upma proved to be yummy.

Also acquired our first Sanjhi work and saw an artist in action at the Hundred Hands initiative. And the much desired Chumbak for our fridge magnet collection.

If all that was not enough excitement we also did some fun art and craft that you can see on the side bar and ice/ block print/ tea-house....

And do catch the most updated episode of the online Mister Muthu on the side bar.


Just Like That said...

you guys are real enthu cutlets!

Choxbox said...

No wonder I call you TimeOut Bengalooru. All Ro needs to do is to acquire you for Mumbai, if we let you off that is!

We went to the exhibition - the Sanjhi work is awe-inspiring indeed. Owe you a treat for that, we’d nearly dropped the idea.I got a chumbak Great Indian Nod for a firang friend who loves the great Indian nod :)

And hey that tea house - have seen similar stuff at Megha Punatar’s blog - check it out if you haven’t, she’s done some awesome work.

artnavy said...

heheh JLT_ i take it as a compliment- my motto is - i have only one life and live like there is no trow!!


the tea house is meghna inspired- from memomry though- done by anush
plan to slowly teach her shapes- design collage

Gayatri said...

- With JLT 100% :)
- Love ur motto art...:D
- I have that 'one life' reel running constantly in my mind too
- But how do u do it...HOW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. such lovely images.. I've been to bangalore ages ago.. but these bring back fond memories! :-)