October 18, 2010

Random weekend

Some friends visited our Golu and we went for a few more , read a lot of library kids books, saw an awesome movie- Julia and Julie. All in all a great weekend!!

It is pouring generosity, got a pram from a friend so that we do not need to buy one for just a few more months of use...

MasterChef 'India' is not Pan India ( as usual caters only to the North , based on viewership- TRPs of course) and pretty pale in comparison to the one in Australia. Maybe too early to comment...

I loved this episode that I did of Mister Muthu a few months ago, ( see the side bar for the link) updated online recently. Do look up the illustrations at least!


Preeti said...

I agree with you on Masterchef India... I absolutely love Masterchef Australia and this one was a total let down... and going by the trailors of the forthcoming episodes... am sure I dont want to watch any of them

sandhya said...

Sorry we missed your Golu. Maybe next time?
BTW, we did manage to finish our 'marathon' homework! Had a relaxed, chilled out week-end as a result. So much for the transfiguration into a devil.:):)

The Print Lover said...

I found "Julie and Julia" boring :(

Did you know Julia was a spy during the world war?

Shankari said...

I loved Julie and Julia too. Watched it around the time I started blogging, so I could relate to how Julie felt everytime she got a comment :)

Will definitely check out the MM episode.

artnavy said...

preeti- i guess i will not either

sandhya- cool, no probs, next yr!

TPL- really??

shankari- tnx

The Print Lover said...

Yup! Julia Child worked for "Office of Strategic Services" (OSS) as an American spy. She met her husband, a fellow-OSS while on job in Srilanka. And then they moved to Paris where she first developed an interest in French cooking.

OSS is now called the CIA!!

I saw this exhibit about her, at the Spy Museum in DC. But at that time I hadn't seen this movie, so could not appreciate how influential she had been as a cook.

Simran said...

I love Masterchef Australia as well as Top Chef US but in comparision MC India seems to be full of drama like all the other Indian reality shows.
But I am still curious to see what dishes the contestants come up with and what challenges are given esp the restaurant ones!