October 19, 2010

Clay Play

Here are Anushka's submissions for Shruti's wonderful Artsy Craftsy challenge for this month. Most of them is her work from the past.


Shruti said...

Was waiting for this. :)

ChoxBox said...

love the bangle and anklets. only you art.

I Me'n'Jane said...


I've been reading your blog almost for a year now and never replied.. I read sometime ago about a website u mentioned that sells wooden toys for children aged 2yrs or more.

Do u have any idea? My niece celebrates her birthday this weekend and wanted to gift her something useful. If u have no clue about the website. Pls give me some suggestions for gifts to present.

artnavy said...

thanks chox and shruti

Ime jane
do u need it in chennai on blore

You could try sutradaar and maya organics in blore

in chennai VTI, kreeda stuff is nice- avail at landmarks and odysseys as well

karadi and tulika books are a big hit as well

Shankari said...

awesome bangles and golusu. Na would love to do them, thanks for the idea.

I Me'n'Jane said...

thanks art :) ur suggestions were useful.. i'm checking them out!!

Manoj Kumar Soyal said...

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