October 20, 2010

Growing up

Anush and her father were having a conversation on how Aditi was not bothered by anyone admonishing her.
Navy- " You know Anush, when you were like Aditi, you used to wail and cry if I so much as glared or raised my voice at you."
Anush very seriously -" Hmmmm, and then I got used to it...."

When Anush overheard her parents comparing their unmentionable respective weights- Anush very thrilled, trilled " Amma is the bigger than you Appa!!" She does not know this is one area where Amma would certainly like to lose to Appa.

She shocked me by asking out of context if she could eat Aditi's hair and then laughed " Fooled you! fooled you!" We had ordered a very pretty cake for Aditi's bday dinner. We had kept the sugarcraft baby as a souvenir.


R's Mom said...

Anushisms after a long time...I love you Anush :):) she is such a smart kiddo...Lol on that getting used to part :):)

Gayatri said...

- smart isn't she :)

MindfulMeanderer said...

Very smart. :)

Shankari said...

Love her first retort :) and second one, I second you, would love to lose to H too! third, yet to face it with Na!!