October 22, 2010


Yesterday went to Chennai and realised how good the weather here in Blore is!

Made time to visit Tulika and met the Sandhya there and got a few books- look out for the reviews soon.

There is a sari/ silk exhibition at Palace grounds and an organic produce fair at Lal bagh this weekend. I really want to go.

Here are some snaps from the dinner we hosted for family for Aditi's Ayush Homam

I let this one stay since it is the only snap I have in her flouncy girly pink frock!

Do check out my post here at the insightful papertigers' blog. I loved doing this. You can participate too. And of course leave comments there.


R's Mom said...

Wow...Adi and Anush look cute :)

DC said...

very cute very cute :-)

Shankari said...

Firstly, little bonda looks super cute in that pink outfit :)

I read the other post and loved the little bit about "Gunnu Kishore" Na is in that phase now and keeps talking about somebody! Need to sit down and figure out their name :)

Mama - Mia said...

such lovely photos! and the cake also look darn cute! :)