October 25, 2010

Wonderful Life!

Crocus 2010 is on in full splendour. Do enjoy it and leave your comments at ST.

We had a wonderful baby shower party for Mama mia( Cubby's mom). I relived my time last year. I really do hope the family is blessed with an Abha Jr!

Attended my first barbeque party. Was it fun or what! Could not try my hand since Aditi was around... will do so next time

Went to Chintamani and enjoyed the drive as usual. Got to see farm fresh veggies in place of the organic ones at Lalbagh. Aditi had tender coconut flesh for the first time. All in the genes- she loved it!


sandhya said...

Yes, wonderful. Lovely pic of Aditi, as usual.

Missed meeting all of you again! Seems as if only I arrive or all the others do. My timing is wonderful!

Collection Of Stars said...

Lovely meeting you again Art!
Your friendly and considerate ways are an inspiration to me.

artnavy said...

Sanshya- Thanks on the pic.

But u make it special whenever you are there- so indeed it is wonderful without any sarcasm.

thanks Starry- u r generous

Mama - Mia said...

thank you for the shower girl! had soo much fun! tho missed seeing the girls! :)

and barbecues are fun arent they? even i havent tried my hand at making! just eating! :D