September 14, 2010


Was in Chennai yesterday on work. Got back by the last flight.

Witnessed 3 incidents of very hyper passengers. Felt bad for them- venting their frustration that way in public - all futile effort and even if they were in the right, they came across as tantrum throwing spoilt brats!

Young children are almost expected to throw tantrums / have meltdowns once in a while but rolling on the ground/ hitting head on the floor / wall seem unacceptable even from them.

There must be a way of being peaceful and getting one's point across even when wronged. Gandhi was a very powerful man.


ChoxBox said...

Gandhiji is more and more relevant in this day and age.

Patricia Torres said...

True that.. but sometimes I dont understand whats wrong with people.. Why do they behave this way?? Isnt it so much easier to remain calm in any situation.. And indeed.. whats the worst that can happen?? I guess.. if you always have an alternate route for the worst.. then everything else seems so much easier..

sandhya said...

Have to tell myself many times too-take several deep breaths and count to at least 20!

artnavy said...

Pat- u must be among the minority if u can easily keep calm

sandhya- ditto for me

chox- u said it

Gayatri said...

- surrounded by 'such' ppl
- if its not for the few sane souls around ...I might jus morph into one of 'them' :(