September 13, 2010

This Ganesh Chaturthi- In Nature's Lap

Had been to Jungle Lodges Bannerghatta . Joyous trip and charming place, staff and fellow guests. We opted to stay in the tent which was adequate and gave Anush a new feel. The weather was cooperative- it rained only by late night.

The safari ride was on - we got to see tigers, bears, lions, bison, deer of many kind and even crocs but no elephants! We also enjoyed a bonfire. Anush and Navy trekked the next morning while I had to drop out since it would have been tough with Aditi. ( It was drizzling all along)

The butterfly park is done very well but we got to see only about 10 varieties though I was led to expect more.

Jungle Lodges have some new resorts now and among the older ones heard that the one is Kabini and Dubare are great for kids. Need to go there sometime and soon. And next time remember to take my camera with me.

Though we do travel a lot with Aditi we have always stayed at homes of family whereever we have been. Wonderful start to outdoor travel with Aditi. With Anush also we began around the time- when she was about one.

And Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Anush welcomed it with Lambodara early morning at around 5.30 am. And my mom made a HUGE spresad of goodies- appam, payasam, vadai, ammini kozhakotai, uppu and sweet kozhakotai- since it is our fave God ( & food) and it is Aditi's first . Oh and I got the idol from our usual shop in Chennai!!


AswathiBabu said...

Its nice to know yr special dishes on the special day. wishing you a nice day

sandhya said...

Truly wonderful start for Aditi's outdoor trips.

We have been to Dubare twice, and the kids will love it. The kids get to bathe elephant in the river, and then feed them. There is also an elephant ride and a talk on elephants by the doctor there. Since we went there first when A was 3, the elephant has been her favourite animal.

nanands said...

All the naivedhyam in front of Ganesha looks yummy!

MindfulMeanderer said...

what a lovely spread :) happy ganesh chaturti to u n ur family.
the dubare camp is beautiful :) u should go there.
n aditi n anush look very cute in the header pic :)

Gayatri said...

- if I could fit in 1/4th the stuff u do with the kids I would be a happy and content mom :)
- How do u do it supermom???????

ChoxBox said...

the food sounds totally yum!

echo your take on butterflies @ bannerghatta.

and yup JLR kabini is awesome, as is dubare.

RGB said...

Sounds like you had a great trip with family. And I'm slurping at the list of stuff you guys had!

Sandhya said...

Only one do u find the time and manage all these activities??

artnavy said...

had a good time

will surely do dubare / mysore at least next

Mama - Mia said...

sounds like such a great trip! :)

and the Ganesha celebs come across so perfect! :)

H said...

Looks like you had a lovely trip! And that's an awesome spread of dishes...lucky you :)