August 31, 2010

Every bird is an Island

Apart from various other concepts/ "envelopes", Anush has been introduced to islands , lakes and other water/ land forms.

She was doing this finger painting when she pointed at the wing and exclaimed, Oh... this is like an island amma!

Here is a peacock free hand by her don't miss the clouds and sun and so on...

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sandhya said...

Wonderful, Art. You have an artist there, woman!

Shruti said...

:) for a 5 year old, shes painting really well.

artnavy said...

Thanks sandhya

that is good to hear coming from u

i am not into art classes because i feel it may restrict her too soon and not let her natural self / style thru

try very hard NOT to tell her too much about uniform strokes or keeping within lines either

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Terrific art. I loved it and found it colorful and inspiring. You've got an artist at home indeed!

artnavy said...

thanks swapna