August 30, 2010

Of Hi and Goodbye

Met up with Sole and Sands and Shruti and Arundathi- at Claytopia- a very cosy and quick meet, since I had not taken the kids along. Absolutely lovely ladies and extremely thoughtful gifts as well. As Sands said they know our taste as though we are family. And we all are, aren't we?

Sands and me should have met in Chennai two years ago. At least we managed now.

Went to The Park- It alia restaurant. Any Italian food lover needs to visit there. Wonderful fare! And took Anush to Subway as well on another occasion.

Saw off thaatu who is off to Delhi on work for a while. No tears this time but many heavy hearts.

Aditi's coxsacie seems to be healing. Hopefully Anush escapes it.

Otherwise a rather relaxed weekend, spent time in painting, craft, onam flower rangoli ( yes, delayed) and general fun with the kids.


MindfulMeanderer said...

Pics of the paintings, crafts, onam flowers & rangoli plssssssssss.

:) I have always been jinxed when it comes to blog meets and parties. Missed each 1 because either me or Lil P would be sick / traveling. I'm so glad we could meet.
I have made some birthday gifts for aditi & anush. Will have them couriered to u by say 15th Sept. :)

Glad aditi is recovering now. *touch-wood*

Arundhati said...

It was a pleasure meeting such warm, inspiring and talented ladies. Looking forward to more such occasions, and hoping to see the kids the next time :)

Artnavy said...

shruti- did not take many but will put up some soon- here is apic of teh dessert at the park- cool na??

thanks so much- will look out for it - is this the 2nd prize of the last contest?? i cld get used to winning then...

arundathi- nice catching up- will do that...