July 27, 2010

Kids stuff for Adults

All of you who are going to the Korean kids play today enjoy yourselves. Mister Muthu has been favourably mentioned twice in the July issue's letters to Chandamama! Highlighting this post at ST again since only one person seems to have read it so far...

On to Fear factor

Here is my take on the brilliantly done tag from Sandhya:

I have no fear of death, new things/ places, heights, cockroaches, speed, travel/ sleep/ stay at night/ alone…..so I must be fairly brave. BUT....

  1. I am afraid of/ repelled by creepy crawlies. Except cockroaches.
  2. I am scared of failure/ embarrassing myself. Even though I am usually well planned, prepared, etc. Now when I see this in Anushka, I am trying to help her and myself.
  3. I am scared of hurting anyone even inadvertently. Possibly why I do not drive on our ‘rule loving’ country’s roads
  4. I am scared of losing loved ones. I always pray that I go before they do.
  5. I am scared of losing things. So I do not wear expensive jewelry.

"Am I afraid of high notes? Of course I am afraid. What sane man is not?" said Luciano Pavarotti. So I am not scared to admit I still suffer from performance anxiety at work. Even if I am really well prepared. Even if I have been to the same office and had the same boss for 9 years now.

Bhayam, Bhay, Fear is important. It helps us do better, to grow, to plan , to anticipate. But beyond a point it thwarts.

There was this movie in Tamil- Tenali- rather nice one in Kamal’s comic-pathos genre. Tenaliki ellam bhayam- meaning Tenali is afraid of everything…..Most of it stems from a troubled childhood.

The Bird Who Was Afraid to Clean the Crocodile's Teeth helped me emphasise to Anushka that appearances can be deceptive.

The Eagle Who Didn't Want to Wear His Glasses Anymore was a good way to let Anush know that being different is okay, especially now since she wants to confirm even in terms of eating junk ( so far she was not into it)

I am going to be a Big Sister reassured her about her role and place at home was getting bigger and not lesser due to the new addition.

Curious George helped explain why a visit to the hospital/ doc is alright and even fun and helpful

A couple of the Berenstein bears, Jungle Book, Dora, Winnie, all have helped her appreciate the need to be independent and that it opens new vistas / adventures if one is so.

Here is a fantastic resource ( but by no means exhaustive) for helping younger kids cope with fear , some direct and some subtle.

So yes, we are fighting our demons and hope to grow up together into more courageous individuals.


RGB said...

Love this stuff. Your very optimistic take on "fear". True, the right amount of fear is necessary for us to take on life and its many challenges. And there are indeed 'lessons' to learn from kids' fables and tales...

sandhya said...

Excellently done, in your own inimitable style. Loved reading it. Thanks, Art. What happenned to tagging other people?
LOL at logic behind "…..so I must be fairly brave."
I too am afraid of failure. Very much so. Paralysingly.

artnavy said...

so right rgb- we need to be open to receive these learnings

sandhya- u r very kind!
tagging others - oh i don't since those who like it will usually take it up( assuming they r not timid)

u seem so self assured- somehow cant see u as afraid of failure.

Sandhya said...

Brilliant Post Art. I loved the way you have linked up fear with related kids' stories!

Shankari said...

Very well done Art. Ditto with Sandhya on the way you have linked up children's stories to the way you have helped Anush handle fears.

The Kid said...

lol @"I am afraid of/ repelled by creepy crawlies. Except cockroaches."

Just yday I was thinking about those wonderfully resilient creature.

Especially the brave white roaches that can fly!

he he!

rrmom said...

Nicely done. Yes, we do tend to pass on our fears to our kids. I have done with my fear for canines.

artnavy said...

thanks all

sandhya, the tag originator, is a book lover and she shld be credited with the idea of linking books to the subject

kid- u r a sadist!!

Gayatri said...

- Dead scared of point 4
- well written blog
- any books to get the angry sulking demon outta my lil achu boy?