July 28, 2010

The Fire dragon and do nots

Last night the fire alarm went off in the building. We all heard it but did not quite understand what it was. ( ignorance is NOT bliss)

Then I got Navy to rush down with the kids. He was waiting at the steps for me and my grandma to come ( mistake number 2)

I requested my grandma to come along and she started quizzing me. I could not lift her bodily and so I tried answering and explaining( took about 3 minutes to get her out.)

In the time I spent explaining to her, I took a couple of diapers (yes!) and some jewelry that was at home. ( wrong priorities)

Unlike us, who at least tried ( sloppily), not a soul had bothered to come down and gather at the safe area! We did not know which was the exact designated safe area. ( I found out today)

And no it was NOT a mock drill. But it did turn out to be a false alarm- some child had set it off. The watchman discovered that and informed us.

What if there had been a real fire? How prepared is your family in case of an emergency?

This book seems like an intersting way to explain to little ones.
We spoke to my grandma and Anushka on what their response should be in such a situation, ( move safe but fast/ use only steps not the lift ) while emphasising the need not to be afraid/ panic.

We always assume these things will not happen to us, right? For instance, how many of us pay attention to the earnest air hostess's announcements?


From the fire to the frying pan.

Anushka enjoys one doughnut a week ( she was amused when i told her it is a sweet wada) and so far it has been from French Loaf and a far second in Daily bread. She likes only the sugar one.

Yesterday my father on one of his long daily walks, went to Malleswaram and discovered The Donut Baker and got his grand daughter the very yummy maple doughnut. And then we realised it has so many branches!!


RGB said...

Diapers and jewellery? hmmmm...Most of us are ill-prepared to meet contingencies.

Speak of doughnuts, and I say 'yum-scrum'. Love chocolate doughnuts!

ChoxBox said...

Agree with you.
Good it was false alarm. And fire drills are a very good idea and have been known to save lives big time. They should be taken seriously.

How many of us pays attention to the air-hostess?
Well, at least one very interested 5 yr old, who also reads up the entire safety instructions thing kept in the pocket of the seat in front every time she's in an aircraft!

Sandhya said...

We had a simialr situation in our 22 storeyed office building. Assumed that the fire alarm was set off due to some technical glitch and happily continued work. A colleague smelled smoke and when we looked out the place was filled with smoke. Luckily we are on the 6th floor and the fire was a very minor one and put off pretty fast. But made us realise that we should be prepared for such situations.

starry eyed said...

I love reading the safety card and make my kids read it and we all pay goggle-eyed attention to the airhostess' demo, much to everyone's amusement!

We had a fire in the neighbourhood once when we were in the US, the firemen came and ordered us to leave in 5 minutes. I didn't have kids then, so I was able to calmly get our passports, money n cards into a bag and run out. Now with kids, I dunno what my priorities would be!

Loved the book...will lookout for it!

artnavy said...

anush likes only the sugar one and now the maple one

chox- LB is very very cute
how was the play?

sandhya/ starry- cool na

MindfulMeanderer said...

scary! we don't even have fire alarms in our home. i think i should also have a handy bag that i can just grab n run out with the kid. Phew! glad it was a false alarm. after the acrlton tragedy I'm very very edgy abt fire.

ChoxBox said...

review up!

ChoxBox said...

@MM: you know a friend had done precisely that - kept pouch handy which could be grabbed when on the run from a fire. passports, cash, jewellery, imp papers etc. guess what - their house got broken into once and that pouch was all that the burglars took. tragi-comedy of sorts.

Lavs said...

Will a post on it.

Mama - Mia said...

ah yes! seriously e dont bother with such important stuff. imagine how much less of a tragedy carlton towers fire in bangalore would have been if people knew their exits and some of them werent sealed because no one uses steps! gah!

and i LOVE donut baker donuts! esp the chocolate ones. droooool! :D