July 26, 2010

Five stars and seventy and ten

It was Anush's fifth star bday and my FIL's seventieth bday. A good excuse to have an elaborate family get together which turned out to be so much fun !!

On Saturday, Anush and I had been to Monkey Maze, a good place for activities and of course with a net maze/ obstacle course. Anush enjoyed herself though I felt the maze is more suited to an even younger age group. The lady who runs the place seemed enterprising and they offer some nice activities. Might check those out sometime. While on activities, Anushka is writing very well and enjoys abacus.

Jump Bunch conducted a complementary session which was okay. And also when anyway you do similar things at home it does not remain that special. Not as cool as gymbabes / Tumble tots in Chennai.

Took a family portrait " Amreeki " style at a studio- my ILs with their son and two daughters and all our kids- 14 of us in one frame. Priceless. Though I would have liked an outdoor natural one as well like the one here of the grand kids...

Missed the Strand sale but they are back in December and I hear from my neighbour that she gets good discounts even otherwise!! Missed the plays at Bal Bhavan but am sure if they were good they will soon come back to town

And yes, our cute bonda- Aditi turned 10 months on Sunday.
Pl go here to Saffron Tree for my review of a series that we LOVE on friendship.


starry eyed said...

We're trying out a Jumpbunch demo session too...I have high hopes on it!

Happy 10th and starry 5th!

sandhya said...

Strand sale was good.
Happy birthday to Anush. The header looks beautiful with the words matching the design on Aditi's dress. Lovely. You must teach me how to change headers. Hopeless at that as usual.
Tag, Art and starry? No fear.

RGB said...

Sounds like you had fun celebrating birthdays and togetherness!

How do we know said...

Congratulations and Congratulations and Congratulations!!! :-)

MindfulMeanderer said...

Nice bg n header :)
congrats on anush's 5th bday, n aditi's 10th month.
nice to have the whole family together. looks like fun. :)

ChoxBox said...

All that Sandhya said.
A & A - two very pretty girls :)

artnavy said...

Thanks all

strand used to be my mom's haunt in Mumbai

sandhya- dont kid me- anyway just use powerpoint and then convert to jpeg while saving

picassa is considered better in fact

and will do the tag in a while

The Printt Lover said...

Anush looks so pretty with malli poo and all. And cute bonda is cute as always. Look at that naughty smile in the last pic!

Sands said...

Happy b'day to Anush. She looks adorable in the pictures with the malli poo in her hair :)

Patricia Torres said...

Oh wow!! oh wow!! this is lovely!! I like the family pic!!

Happy Birthday to both the gorgeous people in your life.. :-)

artnavy said...

thanks all

btw anush has worn jaadi poovu not malli

Mama - Mia said...

Anush looks gorgeous in the traditional avataar! and happy Happy to both the lovely girls!

and your Pa in law too!