July 23, 2010

Chennai and back home

Unwittingly we still say Chennai is home and Navy had even gone to the queue for Chennai at the Mumbai airport. It is indeed good that my work takes me to Chennai weekly once and this is likely to increase ( to my dread -overnighters away from the kids)!

Was in Chennai yesterday and passed through Velachery- a huge Krishna Sweets and a Sangeetha as well as a couple of clothes outlets called Sketch and Born Babies were the new sights I noticed. Why would anyone term it Born Babies I don't get it...?

And yes for my old friends back in Chennai, there is a book release by Amma's Tales in Chennai at Vanilla place and some cool stuff at Dakshin Chitra as well. Did any of you do the Nalanda Way Art Attam ... shows this time?

Why can't Grand sweets and some good off beat handicraft place like Chamiers, a nice bakery, a good parlour, even a dentist open shop at the Chennai airport? You will have a captive, SEC A audience which anyway likes to frequent your place!

On to my current home town-
There are some interesting kids' plays in Blore in the near future- Bal Bhavan on Sunday has Khilona doing three and on Tuesday there is a Korean puppet tale. As if that is not enough, there is a Strand sale as well.

But none of this for me on the weekend. Will let you know how it turned out on Monday. Happy Weekend.

Enjoy these 'endooring' images by an old favourite and a new one introduced by Patty.


RGB said...

Wherever you're from, where you have grown-up becomes your real home and everything else is just "adopted". It's always nice to be home-sweet-home :)

artnavy said...

interesting but i am not sure

by that logic chennai would not be home- it would be mumbai...

i think home is where you r most comfy and where family is

Monika said...

I am also dreading some overnight trips coming up.....it's so tough

Shankari said...

I tend to agree a bit with you and a bit with RGB, sometimes adoption works and sometimes family :)

I checked out Krishnan Santhanam's website. Thanks so much for sharing such a talented artists site. I have to say, you really share some fantastic stuff Art, I would never have seen this website probably otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Last time when i wasin chennai.i inquired Vanilla place and they said they are closed.
Born babies is there in Nungabakkam for a long time and now in Velachery,there is one more in this vein Just born in Sterling road.

artnavy said...

a's mom-
vanilla place in mylapore is very much open

it must have been shut that particular day

shankari/ monika- :-))