May 31, 2010

Of dosas and the moghuls

Had dosas at the Uphaar Darshini in Jay nagar- rated as among the best in B'lore by some was good. The rava dosa was very different though- it had no holes!! Also noticed a shop called Davasam Jewellers !!( it means death anniv in Tamil)

Finished reading the Empire of the Moghuls- Raiders from the North- very interesting historical fiction- this one was on Babur. ( more factual than Philipa Gregory )

Pl click the side bar link for Mister Muthu's new on line episode.

Best Anushism over the weekend- "So this is a flask for food?" pointing at a hot keep.
Best Aditty- " baabaabaabaa- akka- ayyyyeeee!!", yes, my baby is trying very hard to baby talk.

Had a get together of all under 25 yr old cousins of Navy. Great fun and I felt rejuvenated. They compared my SILs place with ours and summarised- "B's is an old house with cool stuff, Yours is a cool house with old stuff"... are you listening/ reading B?

Met an old mutual friend U with her kids last night. Great to see the kids bond!


starry eyed said...

Ahem, you could've dropped by :)

Loved the Aditty n Anushism!

Unknown said...

was it davasam? or davanam?? gosh.. somebody should tell them!!!
love the Adity n Anushism too :)

Artnavy said...

next time

it is davasam !! i could not beleive it myself...

Mama - Mia said...

ditto starry! jayanagar tak aake hamaare ghar nahi aaye? :)

and hope to experience the anushisms and aditty's in person soon!

and the jewelers name is DavaNam! am quite sure on that one if its the same one we are talking about!



Timepass said...

Lovely pic of aditi..
Surprising name..davasam..maybe it means something good in another language!
Is Kadambam in Jayanagar 3rd block (opp NMKRV college) still open? the puliyogare there was lovely..
(BTW I had mailed u, hope u recd the attachments!)

starry eyed said...

@Art, Abha: I've seen TWO jewelers, one Davasam and the other Davanam. Maybe one was earlier, the other one now!

Swaram said...

Davasa-Dhanya in Kannada stands for pulses-cereals :)

Choxbox said...

swaram said what i was going to

@starry - can you believe that? i actually know some serious kannada words!

cute pix art, as usual!

Shankari said...

@timepass - the Kadambam near the RV college was closed down I hear after some issues that the management had. Their puliyodharai was to die for, isn't it??

Uphaar darshini in Jayanagar too?? Shows how outdated I am..I thought there was one only in Gandhi bazaar!

On the houses - I love both kind of houses :) each interesting in its own way I say!! :)

sandhya said...

I always open your post first for Aditi/Anusha's pictures, and I'm never dissappointed!

You seen to be settling down well in B'lore if you've already explored Jayanagar's eating joints. Great. Took me 3-4 yrs in town to do that.

joven said...

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Artnavy said...

thanks all

My SIl lives there in Jay nagar- so we visit regularly

sathish said...

Empire of the Moghuls - Raiders from the North - I've started it. It is paced like a action movie so far!