April 27, 2010

Last weekend

Cmani trips are filled with nature and fun for us. Anush enjoyed the scenic beauty and am glad she said she liked the hills as much as the sea side.

Anush was thrilled to contribute to the selection of colours for the Cmani house painting.
We also used an elderly tailor for her frocks
It is interesting how everyone knows everyone in a small place

We had two get togethers - one set of Navy's school friends and another a set of very versatile ( mostly in writing/ travel) people. It was wonderfully stimulating.

Saw a Prabhat circus on the outskirts of Bangalore. Anyone been there? I am a little anxious also if it is right to visit a  circus with all that one hears about ill treatment of animals. But I wish to grant Anush the experience at least!! What do you say?


BTW I am happy Chennai won the IPL- for the record. Let me see where my loyalties lie next season


Just Like That said...

have been to the circus quite a few times with Sonny boy. Gemini Circus, I think. Its ok, no cruelty as such- there ARE no tigers/lions etc. as of old. only elephants, birds and dogs.
Anush should enjoy it.:-) But take scarves for the dust.
You guys have fun this weekend!

Artnavy said...

thanks but this is bharat or some such name... any idea ... near a lake ....