April 26, 2010

Aditi at Seven

Aditi turned seven months this weekend. We called in the day at Cmani with her paternal grandparents. It is wonderful that the drive from home to Cmani has been considerably shortened. More on the trip later.

But today here are seven things about Aditi:

  1.  Aditi's into long conversations and 'singing' now- she likes listening to all the songs Anush sings and Doli taro and Karadi rhymes reign supreme
  2.  She responds to kisses with a big smack sound of her own if she is in a mood
  3. She is eating semi solids and is ok with most things but for a couple of days for adjustment ( anti jinx)
  4. She still does not crawl but is eager to wade, sit and stand. She likes to sit while bathing though she is still not very steady
  5. She says Ammmmma when she wants me. She lunges for the person she wants to go to and that changes from time to time- she is fair in distributing her love !!
  6. She loves to squirt out water after a few sips and ejoys the spray much to Anush's delight
  7. Aditi and Anush together ... beautiful... as of now :-)


Anonymous said...

Aditi is so cute in the profile pic.. The color of the dress suits her evry well....


How do we know said...

touch wood!!!

Unknown said...

i love the header pic! :)
n*anti-jinx* kala -tika whatever.. lots of love to ur lil sweethearts.

Monika said...

awww...*touchwood* to that. Love her pic on the header

Shankari said...

The header picture is so cute! Happy 7th month birthday to Aditi :) And echoing everyone one else.. touchwood!

mnamma said...

The header pic is awesome!! LOL at her blowing raspberries with water :D

Mama - Mia said...

happy 7th!!

she sounds blissfully sweet!!

hugs to her!!

and love the header photo!

Anonymous said...

Happy seven months to her. She looks adorable. Quick question, What kind of semi solids do you feed her. My son in eight and a half months old, I tried to feed him semi solids and he gagged. So just curious.

The Print Lover said...

Happy Bday Ladoo baby

Artnavy said...

Thank you all and yes touchwood