February 15, 2010

Valentine weekend

Anushka and her father went to the mini golf course at OMR this Sunday- thoroughly worth the small entry fee. Though Anush wielded the club more like Gatothkaj rather than Tiger Woods....

We went to Ashvita a cafe that has been advertising heavily
Nice food, though limited menu and great ambiance
They also have a book store with all Tulika, Blaft and Tara books.
Also got to eat star fruit.

Aditi is at this stage of locomotion- kind of prostrating .... but moving backwards or downwards as the case may be
She has also taken to being fed with a spoon...

I have not seen any Tamil movie in the last 5 months!!
I am dying to see Ishkiya.
Finally getting a new cell phone after over 2 years.

BTW Cotton world sale is on.
Mc Donalds is opening in Velachery


Swaram said...

Aditi must be looking so cute doing that :)
Lovely header. And the Potato Man is very sweet :)

starry eyed said...

LOLing at Ghatotkhach! Aditi looks joyful as usual...can't wait to meet her in a coupla months!

Artnavy said...

thanks both

see u soon starry!

Poppins said...

Love how much you guys do ! Simply love it. Am looking fwd to your coming to Bangalore too!

Mama - Mia said...

what fun!! :)

and am sure your movie watching days will back soon! you are already doing so much!

saw Ishqiya and quite liked it! not awesome, but a great watch nonetheless!


ps: echo starry and poppy!

Uma said...

Aditi looks naughty in that pic :)
And the mop of clay hair looks like a collector's piece!

Booky Buddies said...

Hi! Think this is the first time I'm leaving a comment on your blog though I've been reading it for some time. Anyway I really love your blog :) And we seem to have some stuff in common tho my milestones are a lot worse! New cell phone after five years (tx to sheer laziness) and no Hindi movie for nine months :( I want to see Ishqiya too!

Artnavy said...

thanks all

btw i went and found my size at the cottonworld sale!!