November 19, 2009

WTD and some more

Before you snigger it away as a marketing gimmick, let me tell you it is being followed the world over and seems a valid cause.

- going by local train in Mumbai in the wee morning hours and not finding squatters
- as a lady if you could go on a long bus trip and fine good sanitation in India
- a dry and clean loo with necessary tissues in place in common public places- multiplex/ airport/ railway station/ theatre
- provision for the handicapped, senior citizens and the young including diaper changing facilities

How do you think we can celebrate it?

It is Anti Child Abuse day- Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Day as well- go here and here for more on that.


Monika said...

Thanks for spreading awareness. Toilets & sanitation facilities are sorely lacking in our country

Vibaas said...

Hi, you have a nice blog. it is very interesting to read about your daughters. i have two boys and it is interesting to know about girls their age group. i went through some of your posts and you give good information about kids events in chennai. Though i dont live in chennai anymore, it makes me very happy :) will be a regular reader of your blog now :)

starsinmeyes said...

LOled when I saw it in the paper today. But you've made relevant points here. Thought of it when I saw a traffic policeman and an auto driver take their 'breaks' into a drain.

Off your read your posts abt CSA. It's so common and happening in so many families around us...and some ppl think it's some Western thing:(

starsinmeyes said...

so relevant. There's an excellent NGO in Bangalore called Enfold India that goes to many schools and does skits and role play to teach the kids abt CSA. Here's their link:

Poppins said...

I laughed too but I can understand the gravity of the situation - how is declaring a day going to help though?

artnavy said...

thanks all

thanks starry for the link

poppy- build awareness like with all other "Days"? a not so gentle reminder?