November 20, 2009

Matter of time

How many calenders do you have at home? Desktop? Organisers ? Wall?

When do you flip the calendar at the turn of the month? The last day of the previous month?The first day of the new month?

Is there a family member designated to do this?

Is there a ritual involved with the old calendar at the year end?

Do you have an annual one? or even a daily one?

Do you mark all the holidays/ birthdays first thing you get a calendar?


Artnavy (Monika's) said...

Cut pasting since i knocked off the post

Monika said...

I just have one wall calendar at home in the kitchen and yesterday I noticed its stuck on July :(

I guess the mobile always being handy for seeing the calendar is to be blamed for the disappearance of wall/desk calendars

starry eyed said...

Same here...most of our calendars are gathering dust and on 3-4 months behind time:( And at the end of the year when we're forced to take them down coz of the sudden glut of new calendars, they go under the mattress, to be used as chart paper, or the numbers can also be used for kids' party games etc.

I use the computer's corner clock to see the date!!!

And my mom has also warned me not to hang calendars on the backs of doors...something to do with putting a ticking countdown on your life!!! I dunno how true this is...but I continue doing it coz I hate putting holes in my walls:(

Anonymous said...

here in doha, i don't have a calendar at home. the comp and mobiles suffice. but back home, my older one's fave job at mum's was to rip off the sheets from the daily calendar, the one with panchangam and everything.
i really miss having calendars here, since they make external book cover sheets!

Monika said...

Nah....not a single calendar at home. ....just mobile & comp

The Print Lover said...

I have a trivia everyday calendar that is stuck at July. Otherwise, phone is my calendar.

Pls do the Bucket List tag. Very interested to know what your future bucket holds.

Shobana said...

I have one calender next to the phone where I mark all appts and any events. I turn the pages on the last day or the first day..depends. And the 1st thing that I do, is to mark all b'days and other such events. In our house, it is only me who does this calender keeping. I actually enjoy having a physical calender rather than the ones in the comps and mobile phones.

Sands said...

sadly we have no calendar at home other than a daily sheet one by the god that I rip each day :)

The header is lovely Art!

Hema said...

There are two wall (monthly) calenders and two daily sheet calenders. I turn the pages on the wall calender because that is where I keep track of anything from dates to paid and unpaid bills! The daily sheets are normally changed by elders when they are at home and if they are out of town the sheets gather dust. Now, we conveniently tell them (elders) that we don't change the pages, so that we can remember the date when they left for their hometown!! Yours is a very interesting and informative blog, and it is too tempting to not to leave a comment!

artnavy said...


print lover- will do soon

thanks hema

Mama - Mia said...

i check the date on cell phone and use my office table calendar for times when i need to see certain days for scheduling etc!

calendars are special these days because we sent both sets of grand parents personalized photo calendars with Cubby's photos with them!

so now its time to sit and sift thru hundreds of photos and get them calendars made! :)



artnavy said...

abha- trust u to be so innovative

that is an idea i am going to adopt

Mama - Mia said...

you should! people totally flip!!

we use this website called reliable and decent quality. esp love their big a3 sized wall calendars!