November 19, 2008

The Horror of touch

All of us know the Magic of Touch and on the flip side are more than aware of the horrors of unwanted touch. Today, November 19, is Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Day. Says a lot if we need to have a "Day" like this.

I am sure abuse has been on for eons but we are more paranoid about it now.

We have lesser number of kids. So the attention is focused. But I am sure no parent wishes to compromise the safety of any of her kids, however many she has.

Many of us live in nuclear set up, implying that we use external help but on the other hand it leaves lesser room for incest - reports indicate it is usually trusted relatives who often cause abuse.

Whatever the possibilities, how better to help our kids face it that by empowering them, even at the loss of innocence. Better a bit of innocence lost than losing peace/ sanity.

" The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don't do anything about it." -Albert Einstein

Talking of Children's Safety I was glad to see this write up in Young World here.

I also chanced upon a Tuli ( Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse (CPHCSA) CD with voice over by Revathy. I am a little hesitant to share it with Anush right away. But I have given her an overall understanding that if she dislikes someone touching her she should loudly say "Please do not touch/ tickle etc" and of course rules about strangers have been going on forever.

For newer readers, you may want to read the post I did a couple of years back on this.


On a lighter note, we had yet another bloggers meet thanks to Sue's visit and Itchy's coordination. IBH, Sue, Itchy , Subha and self met up for a cosy chat at Cafe Coffee Day, in the middle of a work day , no less. I also plan to be part of the mommy circle on gmail since I finally recollected my gmail password and have an active usable id now. Sue- I am awaiting the invite to the Book Reading club.


How do we know said...

Anushka is evolving into a serious artist. This is GOOD work.
Prevention of Child Abuse day.. brought back pain and memories.. i used to work with Child Abuse once..

Monika said...

Thanks for propogating Prevention of Child Abuse day.
I have not talked to Ansh about bad & good touch as yet. I think it's time I should.

Jayashree said...

I just finished reading the article in TOI about Child Abuse Day. Isn't it sad that we need a day to be aware of this???

Artnavy said...

jayashree- exactly

monika- i think u shld

howdoweknow- u must educate us then by doing a post on it

Mama - Mia said...

it is indeed scary and how to teach or rather sensitise kids is always a question.

in Goa there are boards talking about peadophilia all over the place! and it is very disconecrting to imagine that the place is so unsafe for kids...

the blog meet sounds fun! :)



D said...

Just read a post on Mad Momma's blog about CSA a few days ago. And here we are talking about it again. Whatever the reasons for it, greater awareness about this issue is something we all need to be thankful for.

PS: And hey, we have something in common - our blog templates :)

Noodlehead said...

love the template! good job on propagating such a serious cause. i'm waiting for BB to be a little older before i start drilling her that no one shud touch her in the wrong places. just wondering if you've had this talk with anushka...any pointers to keep in mind?

Choxbox said...

the sad part abt CSA is that even otherwise innocent getsures are viewed with a skewed eye.

the porter in our bldg in london for example totally adored my kids (and vice-versa) but never ever gave them a hug or any such. he told me that he did even touch children bcoz folks might misunderstand.

Artnavy said...


it is so true - how does one differentiate between innocent touch and one with other motives

the other day in a petrol bunk the vending boy tickled anush ina friendly manner and she hated it

I was watching- i just rolled up the car window though i think he meant no harm

however i did not wish to confuse anush either since she did not seem to like it

u recollect this-

Artnavy said...

noodlehead- thanks

as for pointers- i tried to simplify it- Not draw too much focus to it

I told her to object loud and clear if she did not like someone touching/ kissing/ tickling her and to let me/ my mom/ her teacher know asap

For a while (about a week) she was objecting to any of us but me tickling/ cudling her and that was sad- really sad :-((

But I just tried explaining it to her each time that dad, grand ma grandpa are all her loved ones.

Hopefully she never needs to know the other side.

Artnavy said...

mama mia/ D- yes we all talk about it and I sometimes I wonder how much is too much ??

Lavs said...

hey you guys totally forgot me for the blogmeet..i am still alive!!
sigh!one more blog meet missed by me

Anonymous said...

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