November 10, 2009

What is on?

........... your cell/ computer screen?

After Anush it has always been a pic of her as the bckgd on both screens.

Post Aditi, I had a pic of both of them together till last weekend.

Now I have a pic of Aditi solo.

As expected, Anush noticed and asked me about it- she was very comfy with my explanation that between the computer and the cell phone one would have a pic of each of them, else there would be a combo pic of theirs. . .It is lovely that a child can be so understanding.

Another of those " I feel blessed" moment.

I was very impressed with The Hindu. They have withdrawn the Dow Corning chief sponsorship of the upcoming November Music Fest, due to readers' complaints. That must be a lot of loss of revenue and removing the sponsor's name from ads, pops, etc must be taxing.


Monika said...

Yes, u r truely blessed

Anonymous said...

I miss the kids so much! A few more months to go before I get to see them...Phew! My LOVE to both.


Choxbox said...


to answer your Q, i put solos sometimes of either or sometimes combo. these days its just hubby+me minus the kids too at times. sometimes it has nothing to do with either of them - like right now, its our favourite - asterix!

B o o said...

You mean the kids have an option to be understanding or not? ;) They can have a say when they buy me the said gadget is my motto! :D

right now,
my phone has antu.
laptop has ashu and antu.

Sandhya said...

Wow..the same thing happened at our place too...Appu was quiet understanding! Now I have Aarush on the laptop and the office desktop and on the cell its Appu and Aarush.

Mama - Mia said...

awww! how sweet! :)

artnavy said...

all- :-D

beena- see u soon- looking forward to the Cmani trip this weekend