November 11, 2009

Lobbying on - new experiences

The much Awaited Lunch child transition is today.

Anush's hours at school extend to 2pm instead of her usual 11am. (School opens at 8am.)
She has been looking forward to it for long.
She feels like a " big lady" she says, carrying lunch to school.

The lunch options of her choice as proclaimed by her include:
- curd rice with lime salted pickle and bhindi
- plain pasta but only the long one and sometimes the tube one and mushroom soup
- noodles with veggies
- sandwich ( usually cheese or aloo onion cucumber or maple syrup and now peanut butter)
- chocos/ honey loops

One fruit/ assorted dry fruits were found acceptable on my request.

I hope she enjoys the reality of it as well.

Have assembled a colourful set of lunch/ snack boxes to pack her lunch in. She has to handle it herself independently hence am not sure if a "tiffin carrier" is a good idea yet.

Check this article on the subject of tiffin carriers.

Aditi also had a first - last evening was her first visit to a five star hotel. So what if all she did was just doze in the lobby waiting with her paati, till I finished the office do.

And Anushka who stayed home exclaimed to Aditi on our return " What a brave girl Aditi- you stayed for so long without me." LOL!!


VJ said...

thats a lovely lunch option list.
she suddenly looks small and like a kutty baby in this pic !!
or is it just me ?

Sandhya said...

Nutritious and tasty options those are...
Loved Anush's remark to Aditi! Its so cute!

Ramya S said...

As VJ has mentioned, Anush looks like a kutti paapa in this attire and pose! Drishti sutthi podunga..In this age and time, when most of the children padduthify for eating food, Anush seems non fussy.

Monika said...

Hope she enjoys the tiffin times & great choice of tiffins there.

Timepass said...

LOL on Anush's comment when Aditi came back home

starry eyed said...

Hilarious, Anush's praise of Aditi! congrats on the graduation to lunch-boxes!

Choxbox said...

ditto starry!

in Lb's school they stay full day only after they turn 5. she simply cant wait :)

R's Mom said...

Anush is the sweetest! I so loved her comment :):) and what lovely tiffin options..should save them somewhere for R when she grows up and I can use it for her as well!

Mama - Mia said...

i LOVE how level headed she is!! :)

hope her experience as fun! :)


artnavy said...

thanks all
she enjoyed her day and polished off the food

for anush's good food habits-
i have to thank anush herself, her school, my mother and my insistence that we do NOT force her to eat ... touch wood

vj/ ramya- camera angles i guess

IBH said...

awwww! that last line was such an adorable one :) i am sure aditi would be thinking the same :)

Subhashree said...

Lol at Anush's comment. All the best to the big girl.

H said...

Lovely lunch options...Dhruv will be happy with those for lunch or dinner :-)

Looks like she is enjoying her extended school hours.

Swati said...

Cute little BIG girl !