November 02, 2009

The weekend that was

Last year we had carved a pumpkin for Halloween. This year we just had plain simple fun as a family. went for a party and surprised Anushka with Navy coming home early when Anush was on the phone with him.

We attended the famous blogger twins' birthday and this was also Aditi's introduction to social dos. Aditi was a doll but slept right through.

Anush had a great time and mentioned that she would not have the Tom and Jerry cake since it was not Mickey or Minnie Mouse.

She also noted the flute glass visual on the Appy drink and wanted to know if it was Cheers!!

The candle was wonderful and this is the first time I am seeing one like this. It kept lighting up as the kids kept blowing it out!

It has been ONE year since Mister Muthu came into print. This Nov issue has been illustrated really well. Those of you who can pick up please do so and the others who read it online- I guess will have to wait a couple of months for it.


mim said...

baby is totally chamathu, looks like.

lurrrrrrve her hands-up pose

Sandhya said...

I loovvveee the photo of the little one. She looks so peaceful and contented! May God bless her!

artnavy said...

thanks both

Anonymous said...


pardon my ignorance ...
i hadn't heard abt halloween until i came to the US 6-7 years back ..
i spent my schooling years in TN and later years in mumbai ...

is halloween a new concept in india or was it there even before and i was just not part of that crowd ;-) ????


Sue said...

Art, you can really see Aditi's resemblance to you now. She's looking so cute. :)

starry eyed said...

Lol at Anush's cake selectivity and the q abt Cheers!

Congrats on completing one year of mr. muthu!

artnavy said...

tnx starry

sue-:-)), ibh was saying the same

earlier we knew it thru enid blyton and cousins who stayed abroad

now it is celebrated in an indianised manner and in some select play schools and so on in metros alone

but the pumpkin craft and fancy dress part of it is fun and can be done with kids if u ask me........

Mama - Mia said...


cheers! indeed!! kids and the directions their brains work in!

and those candles are cool innit? i tried to get some M's birthday and the cake guy forgot! gah!


dipali said...

Loved your family's pics at the party. Lovely to see you all. God bless.

artnavy said...

thanks a lot Dipali!