October 30, 2009

Metro mela

"Thursday Talks" are being held in various Montessori schools in Chennai on the last Thursday of every month. They are intended to cover subjects that relate to various aspects of child development. Yesterday's talk titled ‘Language development in children – from birth to twelve years of age’ was delivered by Carla Foster, Norway.

My mother attended it and found it reinforcing most things that most parents follow. It touched upon humour and sarcasm as a child sees it and how we must not thwart it. Also the lecture was delivered very effectively by the speaker without any visual aids!

The Hindu's November Music fest has been announced and the Korean band and Osibisa sound inviting.

Nalandaway which has really nice ads on air, is sponsoring a Children's fest this November first week.

The Kala Ghoda festival where handicrafts abound is on the anvil. Hope Blogeswari will bring us an update soon
There is a Children's film fest as well in Mumbai for all you mommy bloggers there

There is a kids theatre fest which I am sure adults can also enjoy- I do wish I was there in Delhi right now


Blogeswari said...


http://kalaghodaassociation.com/images/kgfoi.jpg is more music, dance types.

The usual art festival is sometime in Feb.

Planning to go this weekend, will update

AA Mom said...

You should include Hyd in your list, It will help some clueless folks like me!

AA Mom said...

liked the header picture! cuddly baby

artnavy said...

b'eswari- awaiting your take and if u find some cool cute stuff pick them up for me as well?

aamom- thanks