November 12, 2009


There are some fab activities on Nov 14 for kids at Vanilla place, Hansel and Gretel, Hippocampus ( Tulika's books called Thumb Thumb), Nalandaway's AAA and so on. We are not in town this weekend and will not be able to catch any of them.

All of you who are privileged to do so, pl update.


Priceless Anushism of the week, overheard:

To Aditi, who was being rather difficult, in a very serious cajoling tone- " Aditi you must not keep on wanting to be carried. You must sleep in your cradle also." ( till here she was parroting me)

Then she adds." I came first na, before you- so it is okay if I am carried and don't sleep in my bed. But you must not be like that baby- okay?"

While on privileges, Navy will soon join a club - something I found corny/wannabe till only a couple of months ago- possibly because of Country club and its ludicrous ads. He has to wear a blazer for the membership interview!!

Maternity leave is considered such an undeserved privilege by some of my male colleagues. Wish those men needed to nurse / carry the baby in their stomachs. God must have been a man for sure!!

Anyway , attending the fitrang boss meeting earned me brownie points and also unexpected compliments about my reduced girth!!


Sandhya said...

Here's wishing Anush and Aditi a happy and fun filled Children's Day in advance.

Anush is at her cutest best! What a smart remark to Aditi from big sis!

R's Mom said... so sweet...What a witty remark is that!!!

starry eyed said...

Hahaha! It's starting off...we have these conversations all the time to justify privileges, usually w Dhruv!

I second should go thru' the pains!

Monika said...

Anshuisms are so cute. :)

Sorry u all will be away & miss out on the celebrations. But I am sure wherever u r going will be equally fun for Anush.

Abt male colleagues, I know what u mean. I just hope things were different.

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

I have some male colleagues who've already started commenting that I am lucky I get paid for the months I am going to be off!

How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. lots of gud stuff happening ur end of the world.. way to go!!

Bhavana said...

LOL at Anushim's. She is sooooo funny and wise beyond her age!

VJ said...

LOL @ Anush's comment..
she is such a darling !

Uma said...

'I came before you na..' LOL!
Yeah, I too feel God is a man ...and a chauvinist too (well, sometimes ;) )!

Uma said...

..and btw, we are planning to catch up on Nalandaway at Kalakshetra tomorrow. Would have to miss the others in the morning since Adya's school has something organised.

And thanks to you - we made it to Trapezium and Adya enjoyed it!

Niv said...

Hi there, after a loooong time:)
Never get to check my mail, so havent been on blogger for ages:)
Congratulations, can make out that you also had another baby girl|:)

Hope all is well,
Take care,


Artnavy said...

all- i am back!!

uma- :-))

hey nivi- we need to catch up sometime