November 17, 2009

Milestones on a road trip

Children's day celebs extended from Friday on to Monday at our place

We drove down to Chintamani. It was:

Aditi's first out of towner ( at 1.5 months and she enjoyed most of it)-
Anush had been the same age when we took her on her first flight to Mumbai

My ILs 40th wedding anniversary - we had a fun do to mark the occasion complete with the relighting candles

Anushka's first school fancy dress
- though the school was her father's !

Aditi's introduction to her adoring and adorable Blore cousins- she won them with her smiles

Our first long road trip as a family of four
( hopefully many more to come)

It has been a year since our previous trip to Cmani

Go here for a then and now moments in pictures. .


Monika said...

Lovely . So many milestones in such a short span of time. Th ekids looks lovely :)

Choxbox said...

you look lovely A! love your new hair style!

and the cellphone is cute. you made the 'outfit'?! if yes, all hail art!

artnavy said...

monika.ansh- u look positively radiant in your pregnancy

that is my over grown hair- am trying to grow it yet again for the religious function next yr

cell costume was borrowed - at navy and my MIL's school( she teaches there) in C'mani

starry eyed said...

Love your always look so fresh n radiant (tho' I've only seen you once, I know that!!!)

I love how babies look so solemn in their sleep like they're thinking of serious matters:)

Poppins said...

Loved how confidently Anush is holding Aditi (with cousins around her). You look like you've lost all your weight already!

R's Mom said... managed a road trip with Aditi already..and here I am super worried about going on an over night trip by train with R who is 17 months!!! You got guts...!

Sandhya said...

Nice fotos...the cell phone is chweet! And look at the big sis's pride while holding the baby!

Bhavana said...

Awesome pics. Aditi looks so comfortable on Anush's lap.

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Lovely pictures. Kids and their mom look super good....
If only you looked up!!

Sujatha Ramesh

The Print Lover said...

Love the hair cut. And the baby pics.

Shobana said...

Nice pics! And I envy you for bravely taking on the trip with a small baby.

VJ said...

Awesome pics...
you are really glowing in the pic

artnavy said...

thanks all

the glow is the morning sun in chintamani

the hair cut is Dove shampoo at work on unkempt over grown hair

suja- I prefer to remain a bit anon on the blog!!