October 29, 2009

Paper boats etc

Anush is adept at making paper boats ( I learnt to make them only a couple of years ago!!) and fans. She is learning to make rockets as well and specs ( like the four cups we would make in school- anyone remember that?) . But formal origami is something that she has not yet taken to. I think that can wait a while.

Kreeda had organised a cool event with a coffee pub in Chennai. Of course I missed it. If any of you made it, please update!

While on papers, just started buying the paper Mint. It is refreshingly different from The Hindu. Do any of you read it or do you prefer BL or ET or FE?

Have resumed reading aloud some random newspaper article daily to Anushka. I think she is just the right age and usually asks some questions and picks up words as well. Earlier she did not have the patience to sit through them.

Go green articles are often accompanied by a visual of Vidya Balan carrying a Tulasi plant- all nice but did she have to have a plastic pot instead of a clay/ mud/ terracotta or even a ceramic one??


VJ said...

four cups, paper boats..good old times !!!
My dad used to read aloud from both tamil and english newspapers when were young and after a few years we had to read out everyday.
this post really does bring back lot of memories Art.
LOL about go green article...lack of attention to detail.

apu said...

Art, Mint acco to me is one of the finest newspapers in India right now. Well researched and onjective (and where conflict of interest etc, one of the few nespapers that makes disclosure). I've been subscribing to them for a year now and in particular, I look forward to the Saturday Lounge supplement. BL I find very boring, while ET has become a very poor excuse for a financial newspaper.

Blogeswari said...

MINT Lounge is awesome! Have you read its poor imitation - Times of India crest on Saturday. Eeee adicchan copy I say

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Saturday mint- my favourite!!Love it as much as Sunday Hindu supplement.

Bhavana said...

Origami classes should be fun when she grows up a little bit.
Is MINT new? I grew up reading Hindu and still do (online though). It is good that you are getting Anush interested in reading newspapers early(very soon will become a habit that has become extinct!).Even though I read news online, I really miss reading from real paper.

Choxbox said...

MINT is the best of course!

artnavy said...

good to see Mint is well known and read!!

Swati said...

childhood nostalgia :)

the go green thing is funny and true :)