October 22, 2009

Going green?

Green was always desirable in the artnavy household.
Today though, going green acquired a new dimension- a not so welcome one.

Anush cried really bitterly on her way to school today- she just did not want to go. She could not offer any reason but I suspect that last night had something to do with it. While I am not sure if my reasoning is correct, I had to move to the other room with the baby last night lest I disturb Navy and Anush on a work day and deprive them of much needed sleep.

However Anush was upset( insecure?) by my absence when she got up in the middle of the night ... she joined me in the other room soon after.

I explained the scene to her this morning and she seemed to understand but kept insisting that the baby did not disturb her. She insisted that she wanted to stay with the baby at home.

I only hope we all grow up from this experience. There are no easy answers. . .


IBH said...

thank you so much for that personal gift :) Sami has stuck it in her room on the door...she just loves it :)I have taken a pic of that dress...she loved it...that bow and pink :) sigh! how much ever i try her not to be pinky girl...this girl is all for pink :)loves pink...:)

VJ said...

Awww... I am going to support Anush on this one.
maybe its nothing to do with going green.. its insecurity like you said.. and they are 2 different things.arent they?

Choxbox said...

it IS a huge change. a suggestion - try sleeping with the baby and anush. tonight.

if she does get disturbed and doesnt sleep well, she might miss school one day tomorrow. big deal in the scheme of things. might make her see what you are saying.

on the other hand (like in our case) it wont disturb her at all.

artnavy said...

ibh- :-))

we all do sleep in the same room.

i stepped out for a while with aditi around mid night....but unfortunately that was when anush woke up....

i guess so...

starry eyed said...

Awwww...sweet Anush n worried you...adjustments are difficult, but you'll get there...with whichever sleeping arrangement...as long as everybody's well-rested n undisturbed and baby well-fed and Anush secure again:)


Just Like That said...

awww... let Anush sleep with you...sharing you is a big deal, after all. its early times yet. HUGS!

Usha said...

I don't think she is jealous. YOu know I am partial to her but I really think that there are too many changes she is experiencing in her environment and for a four year old it is all a bit much to cope. This is just a natural reaction.

Mama - Mia said...


yup. go with everyones suggestion that anush sleep with baby and you.

and whatever we know of her from the blog, she will get adjusted sooner than later! :)


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Oh ... the initial days are indeed hard.
But you will get over it.

You know in our house these days, once Junior gets up in the middle of night, she refuses to sleep with us .. she insists on sleeping with Akka. When akka learns about this, she is only too happy to sleep with her sister. :)

artnavy said...

that is indeed reassuring

usha/ jlt/abha-
just to clarify we all sleep in the same room
i just took a brief break late at night and anush got to know

anyway last night aditi was fantastic and hardly whimpered for just 2 feeds- so all of us are well rested and HAPPY

as it is we r all focussing on anushka all the time since aditi is so tiny!!

despite this if she is insecure or sad it hurts doubly -

also since she usually does not cry it is difficult to digest

i think we all had broken hearts yesterday...:-))

Choxbox said...

totally with you - when they act 'all sensible' its even tougher!

Hip Grandma said...

Anush is the older sister but not yet old enough to understand so much so soon.She has the right to 'go green' once in a way. Once the little one begins to crawl and give her company she's bound to have her share of fun.tell anush that it won't be long before she gets to actually play with her. and you and Naveen can 'go green' when anush ignores you.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hey Art! I want to tell you that this is perfectly normal. My EO used to do exactly the same thing!

the mad momma said...

you know i had the same fear with mine but the brat soon learnt to sleep through her night feeds, colic pain and diaper changes.

at times he'd wake up, pad into our bed and watch her being changed and then fall asleep...

but basically he took it in his stride and made it to school the next day.....

you're right - there is no easy answer, but i personally feel he benefitted from learning to adjust and sleep with his sister in the room

hugs to the two of them

artnavy said...

thanx all for the advice/ reassurance

Poppins said...

Art, whatever sleep arrangement works for you please go ahead and do that.

But one piece of honest advice - do not draw any conclusions on the nature of the sibling relationship between Aditi and Anush, not now, not ever. It's hard, but you have to remember that it's "their" relationship, they will write the rules themselves :)

I know how it is, having been there myself, you are naturally anxious that Anush is happy and that she loves Aditi, but you would do well not to worry about it at all and let nature do it's work. They are sisters, they will squabble and they will love each other.

A moment here and there might happen - no big deal. Take it in your stride and don't give it too much importance! Good luck!