October 23, 2009


I consciously did not buy too many clothes for Aditi except some onesies since Anush used to look super cute in them. But many of the visitors have been abroad or to Mother care and we have received a generous number of onesies. Yipee!

While on gifts, Nilgiris chocolates and biscuit gift packs are completely avoidable. Utter waste of money.

My mother took Anush to this place- Let’s do something( referred by Uma) and it seems to be really nice. It is centrally located above Ganga Sweets. Since my parents had got Anushka a fancy keyboard for Diwali, she has been wanting to learn it from an “ expert”. This activity centre will shortly offer keyboard classes. While checking out the place, I thought Anush may also find the trial dance session interesting. I told her just to watch and that she need not participate unless she wanted to. She liked the thought initially, expecting to see a Cebeebies style dance teacher!

Would like to supply this post from Apu's blog for CROCUS- for older children.


Choxbox said...

This place sounds cool!
So A starts off on music?

Bhavana said...

Onsies are the cutest thing on a baby!

Tina said...

Hello Art...have you checked out Vanilla Place? I am not a mommy and not based in Chennai also but I heard about it.

starry eyed said...

can you believe Dhruv still likes wearing his 24mth onesies...the button-down part hangs out like a tail and he refuses to tuck it in:)

Hope Anush has a great time!

artnavy said...

chox- keyboard master not yet in place- anush was not so okay with starting dance class outside- she wants the coach to come home!!

bhavna/ starry- :-))

tina- of course- we like vanilla place

check these out


Collection Of Stars said...

Caught up with all your recent posts and they made me really happy :)
Loved the birth story.

Collection Of Stars said...
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artnavy said...

thanks ****

Anonymous said...

About the Lets do Something activity center that you are referring to, they are planning to have a workshop on Indian board games. thought it would be of interest to you.