October 14, 2009

Babies- Then and now

Yesterday we had a lot of elderly relatives come over.

As usual, I was amazed to see how seasoned/ comfy they are at handling kids( even at 80 yrs of age) having had over 4 children minimum and handled about at least 6-8 grand kids!!

Joint set ups ensured there were always little ones around.

Not much ado was made or attention given but the kids grew up just fine. Privacy was an unknown word and kids were often entrusted to the family driver or peon to be taken for walks- you won't see me doing that even if I am dead tired, despite the loving and loyal staff that I have.

Times change the great grand aunt told me, nodding her understanding. Babies were and still remain precious, no matter what , just the manner and intensity of interaction with her/ him is different.

Reading Bringing Up Vasu- it is truly hilarious in parts but to sum up I feel it is a must read for first time Indian parents who do not blog. For others, one would have to breeze over some parts.


choxbox said...

its totally awesome to have family around, especially older relatives, when you have babies. i wonder how they must feel - they'd have seen us as babies as well :)

Mama - Mia said...


yes it is indeed amazing. in maharshtra maalish waali aunties always end up being over 60 and one is not worried about handing the baby to their soft wrinkled hands! :)



artnavy said...

chox- u bet

abha- i miss them massuers in chennai
last time we were in mumbai at my moms place a month after anush was born

girls rule in 2009 - heard about rohini's little girl?

Uma said...

Quite true - wouldn't trust anyone with the child.
Btw, Kottakkal can suggest some really expert masseurs - I had one from there for Adya. Let me know if you want a contact - we know couple of them.
Rohini delivered a baby girl?

Sue said...

Oh, I love the header, Art. Big blob of kajal on it.

artnavy said...

thanks sue

will they give adults a massage? i would like one- seriously

doc has adviced no massage for baby for first three months

yes ro delivered a girl- tarana I think

anush loves the maalai set u gave her

Uma said...

Art - human beings of all shapes, sizes and sex qualify for their massage :D . Will send you the numbers.
Yeah, Adya didn't have one till 3 months too... they have special regimen for the mother though - you can check that out.
I'm glad Anushka liked it...
I'll wish Rohini..thanks