October 15, 2009

Birth Story & Home Coming - The Sequel

I recall my post on Anushka’s birth story where in I ended to Madmomma with- “About doing it a second time- well that requires another post.”

Here is the other post a good 4 years after Anush’s birth.

This time, in 2009, I was not sure about the LMP and based on scans and reports we were debating the due date- ranging between mid Sept – Oct 5. Finally the doc confirmed 18th Sept. Only to change it post another review to 25th Sept. I was happy with this change, since I got to spend a week as planned, off work and with Anush’s vacation underway – enjoying her and giving her exclusive time which I felt may fall short once the new one came along.

The doc meanwhile, indicated that it would be better to opt for a c sec, given the baby’s weight, my water retention problem, the previous c-sec and so on. There went any hopes of a vbac. But I was not very distressed by this either.

I had reviewed the hospital and done the prelims for the insurance process- hoping it would be a better choice than the one we went to the previous time which had been grossly lacking in service. We could not opt for my doc’s clinic though it would have been best , since my insurance did not cover the facility.

Navy and I had prepared Anushka amply and in advance. We left her with my mom and grandma and set off to the hospital early on 25th September, 2009, enjoyed a few moments together. After a not so rigorous round of my being shorn of fuzz in unmentionable locations, we spent time chatting and reading – me The Visitor by Lee child and Navy- The latest Dan Brown.

I mentioned to Navy that I was sure it would be a girl though I had been wishing for a boy. He as usual mentioned that he was okay with either and also reassured me that I would be impartial and good to the next child as well.

Around noon , just before I was taken into op, amma and Anushka joined in to wait with Navy and welcome the new addition to the family.

I recall the anesthetist administering the dose and asking me to breathe deeply a couple of times. Post that I woke up to” Big Baby huh?” in my doc's voice sounding very proud and a very tired sounding croak repeatedly asking ” Is the baby fine and healthy?” which turned out to be my own voice- very feeble unlike usual.

I had a severe burn where I had been cut up but otherwise I was okay and gained conscious pretty soon. Sent out smses myself , received the bouquet from my office, chatted up with my dad, requested him to post on the blog from my drafts with suitable info on gender and weight.

Spoke to Navy, Anush and amma. We all exclaimed that the baby was so like Anushka had been. Anush began to parrot that and still tells all that the " baby is exactly like me"

Then Navy took Anush back home and Amma and me were left with Aditi for the night. Aditi was as a baby should be, a little demanding but overall sleeping a lot and providing us enough rest at intervals.

It was in the quiet of the night, during one of the feeding sessions, when I was admiring the baby's perfect little toes and fingernails that resembled her father's, that I was flooded with love for the new born ( replacing the self doubt as to whether I would have enough love to give a second born.)

I was up and about by next morning and insisted that I be allowed to have a bath. Was even keen to get back home the same day but was told we could go back the next day. It was nice to see the expertise with which the nurse bathed the baby. Navy and Anush returned early morning with my grandma( a great grandma for the second time) . Anush’s queries knew no end and the hospital staff were very indulgent.

On day 3, Navy and Anush came to pick us up mid morning but by then the blood report indicated that the baby needed exposure to the UV light due to the mild jaundice she had and she was kept there till 5, post which we headed home, all excited.

In all that anticipation, I did not notice the heavy rainfall we drove in and the power cut at home as we reached. But we have back up and also in a matter of minutes the power supply also resumed. Baby and I stepped in after the conventional aarti, my grandma had been waiting with.

Navy and Anush had readied Aditi’s crib that morning, the welcome sign from Anush’s home coming had been amended and put up and the new Ganesha for Aditi- were all shared with much frolic by Anushka.

It all has just been magical for me and I am thankful I got to relive the whole miracle of life. All I want now is a lovely life for my two lovely little ladies.


Monika,Ansh said...

You made me cry. Lovely post. :)

starry eyed said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww! Thanks for sharing! Lovely pix and lovely post.

Bhavana said...

Very lovely post. Reminded me of my own experience.

VJ said...

Have been eagerly waiting for this post Art...beautiful !!

Praba said...

hi art!

adorable little girls...

lovely post - brings back memory of bringing home my little girls - S, 3 yrs ago and her big sister K, 7 yrs ago...! :-)

Little girls are precious indeed! :-) Best wishes!

Sri said...

Very touching post,Art..Congrats again..btw, i delivered a baby girl last week..

artnavy said...

thanks all

SRI- CONGRATS!girls rule continues- Ro also had a girl

Subha said...

Congrats Art. Girls rule!Wishing you many more wonderful years as a lovely, loving family.


Shobana said...

Thanks Art for sharing your experience. From your narration it sounds like you kind of breezed through the whole episode. I admire people who can maintain a level head during such situations. Good for you and enjoy watching Aditi grow. I love that child...do you want a son by any chance?? We can trade ours...let me know :))

choxbox said...

baby anush and aditi look so similar!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Reading through this post of yours, I was flooded with memories of my second time...

God bless you all! Cheers to a lovely, loving life!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Post.Very heartwarming and moving indeed!

Best wishes to all of you and pray the Almighty that He showers His Choicest blessings on you all.

Happy Deepavali in advance:-)

Lots of love,

R's Mom said...

oh beautiful post :)

Krishnan said...

Great. Wishing you, Anush and Navy and other family members a very Happy Depavali and yes, a very special Deepavali wishes to Aditi.

Anonymous said...

hi Art,

Lovely post...thanks for sharing your experience so beautifully..

Happy diwali to all of u.


Anonymous said...

Aditi is so cute.... I think she resembles her dad a lot... :-)


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Congratulations again !
Its amazing you were sent home just the third day after your C-sec.
I hope the c-sec wound is healing fine.
Wishing you and family a very happy diwali !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Art. Anush has grown up taller and mentioned that the baby is shy to meet people, that was why she didn't come over to Indu's place. Sweetness personified.


artnavy said...

thanks all

subha- :-))

Nithz said...

Awesome post!!~

artnavy said...

thanks nithz

the mad momma said...

welcome little aditi. you share my birthday and I already see you giving your mother a few gray hairs :)

congrats art.... isnt it amazing how the heart just expands to make room for one more person?

artnavy said...

oh yes- i had to experience it to believe it